Ruby Podcasts

I found some useful podcasts to listen to on my way-longer-than-it-should-be-due-to-stupid-traffic commute. The first is “Learning Rails”. I especially enjoyed the first podcast (#1) called, “Why You Should Learn Ruby on Rails” which explained what Ruby and Rails are and how they compare and improve on earlier languages. It makes an argument to developers to spend the time learning Ruby on Rails. It made me appreciate that this the language that this bootcamp focuses on. I’m excited to learn Ruby and Rails. 

The second podcast I enjoyed was “The Hansel Minutes”. I enjoyed a podcast called, “What it really means to be a Junior Developer with Jonathan Barronville.” I’ve been wondering about what really makes someone a Junior or Senior developer. This podcast nicely focused on the importance of continued and lifelong learning as what is important instead of how long you’ve been programming or how many languages you know, etc. This is one of the things I really appreciate about the programming world — you must be a lifelong learner and be willing to always learn something new in order to excel in this field.


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